Wednesday, March 27, 2013

After the crack of dawn painting of the palms I drove out to Hawks Canyon again because there was a bush in the painting of the red rock outcropping that I didn't feel I got right. Spent about an hour fixing it. On the way out I drove up an old jeep road. Nice to have four wheel drive when you want it. I was perched on the top of this ridge with the expanse of the desert landscape before me. It stretched on as far as I could see to the east out across Death Valley. An awesome feeling of desolation, loneliness and solace washed over me with the warm desert wind. For some reason I have always liked these kind of places. As far as painting goes this is exactly the wrong place to try to paint. Bland colors no contrast and weak foreground and any number of other inherent flaws. So why paint it one might ask? Mostly just to see if I can. And I like the way being there made me feel. Richard Shmidt said about plein Air painting "Even if the painting fails one gets to commune with nature for a few hours." The Title of this one is "The Middle of Nowhere."

The middle of Nowhere 11x14 oil on panel

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