Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 I am going to try to tell this in chronological order and that means reversing the process of posting on face book. I did learn however that I can copy the test and transfer it to the blog.

Great time last evening after the Quick Draw hanging with other artist and shooting the bull. We are spread out all over the place so some of us haven't seen each other since we got here. I awoke to a familiar sound early this morning. The pitter patter of rain. It was kind of clouding up yesterday evening. This is the last day to paint. All works must be turned by 4 pm. The big opening is tomorrow. I sleep in a bit while it rains but I can see it is going to let up. I load up and go see what I can find. As I drive toward Borrego I look up and see snow capped mountains when the clouds break. Snow in the desert! Hmmmm. I gotta do something with this. I set up trying to hide from the gusty wind. The sun is from the wrong direction to see what I need to see and keep the sunlight off my panel and pallet. I attach my Plein Air umbrella to the camper on my truck. I know from experience not to attach it to my easel in the wind. Even attached to the camper it wants to flop around. So I tie it with a bungie cord to the camper door. It worked fine until a huge gust of wind came from the opposite direction and turned it inside out folding it like a bridge. During this time it went from full sunlight to dark and raining and back again at least four times. Welcome to Plein Air painting.

Snow in the Desert  11x14 oil on panel

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