Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More desert chronicles. I left Hawk Canyon and went back to De Anza where I was staying I had taken a walk the evening before and wanted to do a late evening painting of the area just behind my lodging. I got started but ran out of light just short of finishing. I usually try to compete a painting in one pass. Nature does not always comply. The next day at the time frame I wanted we were slated to do the "Quick Draw" That is where we all paint within a certain area and have two hours from start to finish to complete a painting. and the all go on display that evening. So I had to wait a whole day in between before I could finish. When I got out there Thursday evening It was so *^##@&^% windy I drove my truck out and parked sideways to the wind for cover I set up and a hurricane force gust of wind came under the truck and nearly blew my legs out from under me. And in the process blew sand and dirt all over the painting. I would have been better served staying put and tossing a shovel full of grit onto the painting. Threw my gear in the back of the truck and gave up. I ended up getting up a predawn the next morning and finishing it. The part I needed to finish was in shadow so it didn't make much difference in the light.

DeAnza Back Road 9x12 oil on panel 

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