Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The first thing I wan to do is apologize to anyone who has checked into this blog and found so little activity. I have been lazy and have tended to use face book for my social media Jones. I am going to try to breath new life into this thing. I have discovered what everyone else has known for a long time. That I can just post here and then click it to face book from here. Duh. I am going to start by posting work from my recent trip to Borrego Springs. 
Just got back from a couple of weeks in the desert. I had the honor of being part of the Borrego Springs Plein Air Invitational. It was a wonderful time. All the artists and the many people who ran the event were fabulous and it was a great time. And a wonderful show.
I got there a couple of days early and camped in the desert. It was amazing the quiet and the colors and the new landscape. This painting is from Culp Valley above the Borrego desert floor.

Rocks 9x12 oil on panel

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